Abstracts regular papers and thematic panels

Deadline: Submissions will be accepted until October 1, 2019
Notification of acceptance: December 2019
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Regular papers
Please send suggestions for a 20-minute conference presentation to papers@legalargumentation.com by 1 OCTOBER, 2019. Abstracts should extend to no more than 500 words. Write in the subject line: [your last name] Legal argumentation 2020.

Each abstract should be accompanied by a separate file with the following information:
– title of the abstract
– name of the author(s)
– institution
– university or home address
– email address.

Double-blind refereed published papers will be within the 3’500-4’000 word range (incl. references and footnotes).

Thematic panels
Proposals for thematic panels should be submitted in the same form as the abstracts for regular papers. The proposal for the panel contains both the abstracts of the individual papers as well as an additional abstract for the panel (max 500 words, containing a title, a description of the subject and the goal of the thematic panel as a whole, and the name and affiliation of the co-ordinator of the panel). A panel should consist of at least 3 contributions. The co-ordinator of the thematic panel is also responsible for the overall co-ordination of the session. The programme of the panel follows the time slots of the conference (i.e. the time allocated for individual presentations: 20 min.). The conference organizers will schedule the thematic panel in the final conference programme.

Double-blind refereed published papers by the participants to the panel will be within the 3’500-4’000 word range (incl. references and footnotes).